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Looking to open a small business?? Or add to your existing party or wedding rental company??
We’ve got Photo Booths for sale!

We are NOT a Photo Booth franchise!
Buy your booth, own your booth, and keep the profits!
Financing is available!

Time Of Your Life Photo Booths are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ with state-of-the-Art equipment NOT in your neighbor’s garage, NOT built out of overpriced pipe and drape, nor are they assembled with aluminum track framing and covered with plastic and acrylic!
Our top of the line booths are built to last and make you the most money for a many years. Our one of a kind photo booths are built from durable scratch resistant 18 gauge mild steel and tig welded for lasting strength and rigidity. Many wood and other cheaply assembled booths will become loose, wobbly and worn over time. NOTHING on our booths can do that, everything is welded, yet still small enough to be portable unlike other steel booths that are one piece and weigh upwards of 1000 pounds.

Time of Your Life Photo Booths come with a three year warranty on the cabinet and booth itself and a one year warranty on all electronics.



  • Mild steel powder coated (your choice of color(s) cabinet without the curtain assembly measures 72in. in height x 36in. in width x 15in. in depth and weighs approximately 150 lbs.
  • Mild steel bench assembly and back of booth is 72in. tall x 36in. wide and 21in. deep.
  • When the booth is fully setup it stands 72in. tall x 36in. wide and is 70in. in length.
  • Removable photo drop catch
  • Latching, full size hinged door on back of booth allows easy access to electronics and interior of booth.
  • The 14 by 39 inch bench opens for optional storage underneath. The 24 inch high seat is covered with leather which is long lasting and cleans up easily should guests spill in your booth.
  • Easily adjust camera to exact desired shot and lock in place. No readjusting when the booth gets bumped. Our camera brackets are able to accomodate any camera you choose. They have the ability to tilt forward and back, move back and forth and allow the camera to move side to side.
  • Three 24 inch T5 easy to change florescent lights illuminate the booth nicely. These light are also on a switch which allows you to setup and breakdown quickly without having to unplug the entire booth. You can have everything running and ready to go at events where you need to setup early and simply flip the switch when you are ready to start shooting. The light shines through the steel which has been cut by a high powered laser with the words “Say Cheese” (at the top), “Photo” (on the left), and “Booth” (one the right). These can be customized if you custom order your booth. Some examples may be your web address, business name, logos, slogan, shapes, etc.
  • Our booths easily plug into any 110 volt 15 amp outlet the same way mass produced vending machine do. Many garage built booths run an extension cord through a large hole in the booth plugging into a power strip.

The finest photo booth electronics come standard in our booths!

  • Canon Rebel DSLR camera
  • DNP sub-dye printer. 700 (4x6) print capacity means less time changing media. 2x6 cut driver eliminates the need to look unprofessional cutting 4x6 prints in half. No special media you have to buy from us. Media available online for as low as .14 cents a print (4x6)!
  • The booths utilize 15 inch Dell touch screen technology for the user to select between color and black and white.
  • Acer laptop computer
  • We dont buy our curtains from big box stores. Custom made interchangeable wrinkle free micro fiber curtains allow you to reverse them for two different colors. Your choice of colors when designing your booth.

Complete, ready to rock, mild steel booth powder coated your desired color is $7,199.

  • Have your own electronics or want to buy them yourself and save?


Booth without any electronics $3,999.00. Mild steel powder coated to your desired color.

Here are some of the different customizations we can do with the booths.

  • Swirled stainless steel Booth $300
  • Transparent powder coat entire booth to desired color with swirled design underneath allowing the swirls to shine through the color. $600.00
  • Additional custom laser cutting $100-$500 per booth depending on what you’d like (requires 4-6 week lead time)
  • Booth built from mirrored finished stainless $350.00
  • 15 inch exterior monitor on side of booth $400
  • Matching canopy $500
  • Illuminated custom sign on top of your booth that could include business name or logo, etc. $450
  • Video booth option which includes upgraded camera to Canon T3i $500
  • Upgrade printer to Shinko S2145 or Hiti $300

The laser cutting will vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. This is where we can really brand the booth to your company. A few ideas would be to replace the “PHOTO”, “BOOTH”, and “SAY CHEESE” text where the lights shine through. We could put the name of your business, taglines, different shapes, fonts, designs, etc. There is also lots of room to cut out additional designs or logos anywhere on the booth and plenty of room down the sides and back of bench assembly. Anything that we laser (besides the lights) we will add another sheet of steel behind the cutout inside the booth. This sheet could be a different grade of stainless, different swirl or pattern, or powder coated a different color. Adding acrylic and light behind the cuts for an illuminated affect similar to the way we do the lights at the top – is also an option. This acrylic could be colored to change the light that shines through.

We build custom booths!!! Any other ideas you might have please let me us know!! I’m confident we can come up with something unique that you’ll love!

We also will on occasion sell used photo booths!
Shipping rates are normally between $400-$500 to the East coast and $300 for West coast.

Please Contact me with any additional questions.




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